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Car design pro

The Professional Car Design Mentorship Program is an advanced 12-week course tailored for design students and entry-level designers who are looking to elevate their skills in automotive design. This program is designed to provide participants with a hands-on, mentor-guided experience, allowing them to work on complex design projects, refine their design thinking, and develop a portfolio that demonstrates their mastery of car design concepts and execution.

Course Duration: 12 Weeks


  • Design students

  • Recent graduates

  • Entry level designers

  • Hobbyists with a keen interest in automotive design

Course Structure:

Week 1-2: Immersion in Automotive Design

  • Deep dive into advanced car design principles and philosophies

  • Exploration of cutting-edge trends and innovations in the automotive industry

  • Discussion of the importance of brand identity and its integration into designs

Week 3-4: Conceptualization and Ideation

  • Generating innovative and futuristic design concepts

  • Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and Feasibility in concept development

  • Analyzing the impact of emerging technologies on car design

Week 5-6: Digital Sculpting and Advanced Visualization

  • Introduction to digital sculpting software for creating intricate 3D models

  • Creating dynamic and detailed surface sculptures for complex designs

  • Exploring advanced rendering techniques for hyper-realistic visualizations

Week 7-8: Materials, Manufacturing, and Sustainability

  • In-depth understanding of materials selection and its impact on design and production

  • Designing with manufacturing constraints in mind while maintaining design integrity

  • Incorporating sustainable design practices into automotive concepts

Week 9-10: User-Centered Design and Ergonomics

  • Developing user-centric interior and exterior designs for optimal user experience

  • Exploring advanced ergonomic principles and integrating them into the design

  • Analyzing the psychology of automotive design and user interaction

Week 11-12: Mastering Presentation and Portfolio Development

  • Crafting compelling narratives for design presentations

  • Creating a polished portfolio that showcases diverse design projects

  • Practicing effective communication and articulation of design choices

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