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Car design intermediate

The Intermediate Car Design Course is a comprehensive program designed for individuals with a passion for automotive design, ranging from fresh graduates to engineering or other academic students, as well as hobbyists. This 12-week course aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of car design principles, techniques, and skills. Through a combination of offline and online instruction, students will learn the art of car sketching and develop a portfolio of work that showcases their creativity and expertise.

Duration: 12 Weeks


  • Design students

  • Recent graduates

  • Entry level designers

  • Hobbyists with a keen interest in automotive design

Course Structure:

Weeks 1-2: Introduction to Car Design Fundamentals

  • Overview of automotive design history and trends

  • Understanding car proportions and silhouettes

  • Basic principles of line work and shading in car sketching

  • Offline sketchbook assignments: Introduction to fundamental sketches

Weeks 3-4: Advanced Car Sketching Techniques

  • Exploring different perspectives and viewpoints in car sketches

  • Understanding light and shadow for depth and dimension

  • Incorporating dynamics and motion into car sketches

  • Offline sketchbook assignments: Applying advanced sketching techniques

Weeks 5-6: In-depth Studies of Automotive Design

  • Anatomy of car components: exterior, interior, wheels, lights, etc.

  • Human factors and ergonomics in car design

  • Integrating aerodynamics and sustainability principles

  • Offline sketchbook assignments: Detailed studies of car design elements

Weeks 7-8: Digital Tools for Car Design

  • Introduction to digital sketching tools (tablets, software)

  • Transitioning from traditional to digital sketching techniques

  • Creating digital renderings with realistic textures and materials

  • Online workshops and assignments: Digital sketching practice

Weeks 9-10: Concept Development and Iteration

  • Generating creative design concepts for different car types

  • Refining sketches through iterative design processes

  • Using storytelling in design to create emotional connections

  • Offline sketchbook assignments: Developing and iterating design concepts

Weeks 11-12: Final Projects and Portfolio Development

  • Integrating all learned techniques into a final design project

  • Creating a professional design portfolio with offline and digital sketches

  • Presenting and discussing design projects in online sessions

  • Course evaluation and certification for successful candidates

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